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If your livelihood relies on processes or materials that require a predictable and effective liquid - solid interface, this site should hopefully interest you. We have spent over twenty years talking with customers in the converting, printing, inks, plastics, coatings, and adhesives (plus countless other) industries to identify the supplies and information which offer the greatest value. This web site reflects the current state of that long and ongoing stream of communication.

If you are interested in information and products related specifically to dyne testing, contact angle measurement, or tensiometry, please visit us at www.accudynetest.com.

Our company philosophy is simple: Sell only the best products at aggressively competitive prices and never be bested in customer service. To keep up with industry changes, we enjoy selling direct to end users; your feedback enables us to constantly improve and expand our technical expertise, making us the natural source of solutions for surface wetting and coating problems.

Russ Smith, President
Diversified Enterprises

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